I’m Akina, the CEO of and the founder of Nomad University.
I still clearly remember the moment when I met “digital nomad” in Bali for the first time in my life in 2020.
Working from a poolside with a laptop, working with a swim suit holding a surf boat, Having a lap top and working from a bed. After seeing those people, the concept of “work” has completely changed.

I personaly have traveled around all Japan, 47 prefectures and 39 countries 200 cities around the world so far.
I launched the media “Nomad University” which people can get to know the lifestyle of digital nomads.

My vision is “Diversities through Stories” and providing the lifestyle of digital nomads especially towards Asian.
In Japan, I’m involved with workation business and inbound tourism especially bringing overseas digital nomads to Japan.
In the world, I share where and how to travel around Japan with overseas digital nomads.

I aim to create the world that each person can live their own lives.


Akina Shu

Digital Nomad 📍43 countries 200 cities

A digital nomad who’s working while traveling.
While traveling, I promote the lifestyle of digital nomad especially among Asia.

I’m working as an ambassador for several international digital nomad’s organization and Japanese coliving service, workation related organization. In order to promote “ Diversities through Stories “, I’ve launched Nomad University that allows people to have an access to the diverse way of working, living and love of digital nomad.

I give speech on international digital nomad events and Japanese companies and local administration about how to attract overseas nomads to Japan.


born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Japan


University of Hawaii at Monoa Exchange Student


Graduated from Keio University


Eiken Foundation of Japan



Traveling around the world with father


Became an ambassador of ‘Nomadsgivingback’, the association of international nomad in Bali.
Became the first Global ambassador of “HafH”, the international coliving service in Japan.


Published picture book “Around the world with dad ”, which ranked no1 in 5 diffrent categories on amazon.
Became a certified concierge for the Japan Workcation Association


Company name


25th of May 2020


1,000,000 JPY

Head Office

201mansion nakagin kyobashi 3-1-10 irifune chuo Tokyo Japan


President and CEO Akina Shu


・Consultant, PR, Lecture regarding digital nomad, workation
・English Education


Guest Speaker / Lecturer about “Digital Nomad” for individual or Companies
Inbound tourism ( Inviting digital nomads to Japan )
Workation Planning