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Public Speaker / Lecture regarding oversesa’s digital nomad and workation


Hokkaido Travel Promotion Organization

Nomad Worker who work while traveling became well known after covid in Japan, and this new lifestyle will be continuing in the future.

After Akina’s talk, we learned that digital nomads are more suitable to be targeted by local area in Japan rather than travel agencies. We would love to hear more about how digital nomads chose the destination or what they want to do in order to attract them more to give back local communities.

Machinaka Campus

We as people living in countryside in Japan always thought we are suposed to let guest coming from big cities experience as many activities as possible.
However, after Akina’s talk, we realize that it’s better to have some free time to make sure digital nomads can focus on their work and still be able to enjoy some events.


Akina’s talk provided exactly what we wanted to listen to. Her talk is not only about trip and immigration but it also covers lifestyle.

This information is quite hard to get just by ourselves so it was really worth to invite her as a speaker.

Peace Boat

We asked Akina to be a guest speaker for online event regarding digital nomad.
As a perspective of digital nomad, She shared recommended communities or services and her own personal experience. Even though it was an hour event, time passed so fast.
Through her talk, we realized it’s truely important to enjoy our own life no matter whereever you are or whatever you do.

Digital Nomads Buenos Aires

Akina has been one of the speaker at Buenos Aires week for Digital Nomads that we launch every year in Buenos Aires.

Her talk was a nice presentation of the possibilities of Japan as a tourist destination for Digital Nomads.

Buenos Aires is a well positioned city in the community and Akina’s presentation has shown us that Japan has a lot of potential as well.

It is a pleasure to listen to Akina talking about her history, her country of origin and enjoying her passion for the community, encouraging more people to be Digital Nomad.

In my 10 years developing communities and promoting this new model of life, I had not met someone from Japan who knows the Digital Nomad concept as her.

Tato Germen

Creator of First community for spanish Digital Nomads. Director of the First coliving in South America and promoting Digital Nomads Lifestyle since 2014.


South China Morning Post

Chinese workers ditch cramped cubicles for remote locales, freedom – and just look at that view


During Corona, overcoming strict regulation, people seek for new way of working and living

The Asahi Newspaper

“Live and work anywhere”



Traveling around the world with a Karrimor’s backpack” Digital Nomad Akina


NoAdd Worker

Spreading the lifestyle of digital nomad


Long Stay Now

One-way ticket to Georgia



Gakugei Shuppan Publishing

workation plan 101



近年、新たな働き方として遠隔地での勤務も含めたワークスタイルの見直しが進んでいる背景もあり、これまでは個人向けに限りプログラムを提供しています。一方、With/After コロナにおいて新たな働き方の様式定着が求められる情勢の中、行政・企業は都市部の地域を中心にテレワークを推進しています。

こうした背景から、今後は「Ajikation biz」として企業向けプログラム及びインバウンド向けのプログラムをスタートしていきます。この度、4名のワーケーションの有識者をゲストに迎え、阿字ヶ浦ワーケーションみらい会議を開催し、これからのワーケーションの未来についてトークセッションを行い、その中で働き方で、注目なのはデジタルノマドです。今回、海外デジタルノマドを実践されているAkinaさん(タイ. チェンマイ)とオンラインで繋いで、現地の様子とノマドワーカーの働き方をレポートいただき、日本より先進的だなあと大変刺激を受けました。