079_From Madeira to the World - A Journey of Impact

079_From Madeira to the World - A Journey of Impact

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Portuguese Nomad Gonçalo👨‍💻Part 1


In this episode, you will learn mainly three things below!


・How was the digital nomad villege in Madeira, Portugal created

・Social impact that digital nomad can give back to local community

・How to acheive more than 5,000 members for the Digital Nomads Madeira Islands within 2 years


Gonçalo Hall is the CEO at NomadX, one of the biggest nomad communities in the world with physical communities in Madeira, Cabo Verde. Brazil and Lisbon.

He  launched projects like the Remote Work Movement, Future of Work Conferences, and Remote Portugal in order to help the movement grow and spread. 

In Gonçalo's opinion  "Remote work is the best tool to improve the world we live" so he spends his time helping individuals, companies and countries to understand how to adjust to the opportunities and challenges of this new world. "

For the further detail about Digital Nomads Madeira Islands, plese check the website: 



Nomad University's Instagram:

Nomad University's Website:


Check out this episode!

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